By 24/SEVENS | January 25, 2018


PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 24, 2018 – The Delaware 87ers (9-20) fell to Raptors 905 (18-12) by a final score of 97-84. It was the Sevens’ final Education Day game at the Wells Fargo Center this season and their first loss in these contests. The 87ers were undermanned and facing a 905 squad that is now 14-3 in its last 17 games after beginning the season 4-9. Raptors 905 now holds a 2-1 lead in the season series.

Here are three takeaways from the 87ers’ third meeting with the 905 this season:

Delaware was short a number of key contributors

The 87ers were playing without James Young, who is with the Sixers, as well as Demetrius Jackson and Christian Wood, both of whom are hurt. Suiting up without a sharp-shooting wing, solid point guard and future G League All-Star who averages 22 and 10 would hurt any team, and the Sevens felt the sting of a short bench late in the game. Delaware only had nine available players and all eight who hooped spent at least 18 minutes on the court.

The 87ers’ shooting was a tale of two halves

Delaware has really been shooting the ball well in recent tilts and has always shot well in Education Day games. That continued during the first half of this one, with the Sevens shooting 49 percent from the field and leading the 905 45-41 at halftime. However, the fatigue that arises from only going eight deep reared its ugly head in the second half and the 87ers just couldn’t get shots to fall. The team went 13-43 (30 percent) in the second, including 4-19 from the field in the fourth. Players were getting good looks from the floor, but many shots fell just short or rattled in and out. 

Raptors 905 has a great defense, but the Sevens still had unforced errors

Here’s a stat for ya: coming into this contest, 905 opponents were averaging just 92.4 points per game over the last 10 Raptors 905 tilts. This is a fantastic defense, complete with long wings and large bigs, and they made things tough for Delaware all game long. The 87ers ended up with 25 turnovers, which led to 32 905 points, but not all of them can be attributed to the visitors’ defense. Delaware was done in partly because of its unforced miscues, which have plagued the team throughout the year. Seven of the eight 87ers who played had two or more turnovers.

The 87ers’ next game comes against the Long Island Nets on Friday, Jan. 26. The second meeting of the year between the two teams, and first on Long Island, starts at 7 p.m.